Friday, January 12, 2018

Cult Pens!

After having made a blog post giving a company a negative review, I thought I should do a positive one and balance out the blog karma!

***this post is not sponsored and is purely my personal opinion and experience***

Recently I have been getting through an extraordinary amount of polychromo pencils. (Less so since the arrival of my new Westcott Ipoint Orbit battery operated pencil sharpener - recommended!).

After trying several places online, my friend Helen recommended Cult Pens to me. When I popped across to compare prices they were cheaper and on that particular occasion had a marvellous 3 for 2 offer on Faber Castell! Although this offer is now over, there often have great offers on you can take part in. (It's a free grip pencil set at the moment! Really nice quality.)

So here is the link to Polychromo Pencils at £1.19 each! 

Also, spend more than £10 and you get free p&p, (Over £15 for the current offer pencil grip offer) and it's same day dispatch so things normally come next day. (And often with a extra free gift too!)

My need to test customer service has been pretty limited. The once I ordered a large amount of white polychromo pencils and they weren't in stock, they emailed me very quickly and told me they were going to hold my order until they had enough to fulfill it in one go. The time I forgot to add the free gift to my basket on check out (it clearly says to do it, I was just being a numpty) they were super polite on email and offered to send it to me anyway, with no extra charge for the p&p. On the main, the service has been so excellent, it really hasn't been necessary to do anything other than order.

The pencils come in a bubble wrap envelope, and unlike other suppliers, I don't often find the core has been damaged. I would prefer a bit more protection to the pencil, seeing as dropping a polychromo can often crack the interior, but even just in a jiffy, they seem to be fine. And as my p&p was free, perhaps expecting more wrapping is greedy!

So review over! If you are a pen geek they have an amazing selection of pens as well as the pencils I visit for. There a quite a few foreign makes of writing/crafting items and... well it's worth a look if stationery shopping makes you happy, like me :)

Online Shopping & Service Score = 10/10


  1. Great stuff they are awesome and you get your little bag of Haribo xx

  2. Thanks for the tips!
    Xoxo Olga

  3. thank you for sharing with us!