Wednesday, June 14, 2017

More Nail Art.

I think I might be a frustrated nail artist because I love making these cards! Any excuse to rustle up a new Nail Card!!

So I started with a card featuring Marvel Nail Art. (in 2015)

And then, later in the year, a set featuring "on trend" Pink Nail Art.

And this time, it's a little bit more Purple-ish Nail Art!!

So just like the other times, I used the templates I had luckily saved from the last nail card. The fold style will be more obvious in the next pictures, but I printed out two sets of fingers and layered them onto the front panels of the card. Then I used a "nail template" and painted ten designs using acrylic paint onto the mock nails. When they were dry, I curved them slightly and sprayed with clear gloss varnish. (They become really tough after that). Then I added some bling and stickles to brighten things up! Nails were added with a couple of layers of 3D tape.

Inside I mocked up a nail varnish bottle with the recipients name (blurred here) and the birthday greeting.


  1. Well that is one more fabulous idea Annabel! Your cards are gorgeous and super inspiring as always!
    xoxo Olga