Sunday, March 23, 2014

Painting Cards

Had in an order for two "Arty" themed birthday cards for the same person. Tried two new designs with this in mind.

The first, on Kraft Card, was created by masking off an area of the card using post-it notes and then applying media directly to the card. I had a go at heat embossing a cowslip stamp and then layering on gelatos and pastels after. My edges weren't super tidy so I added strips of ribbon either side. 
Greeting stamped directly onto card, whilst " Grandad was printed and matt&layer'd on.

Had a go at this design using some Hero Arts stamps from there Stamp Your Story Brush Strokes set. The colours are all distress inks. I paper-pieced the brushes and added them after.

Made a really cheerful card, which is great for a man's card, they can tend to feel a bit solemn.

p.s. Cowslip Stamp was also a Hero Arts Cling Stamp called Elegant Weeds.

Village In A Box, Tando Kit, Workshop taught by Helen Haines.

Thought I would share some photos of my Village in a Box, now it is finally finished! This was a brilliant course that Helen (From Craft Magic Crafters) ran, last year? Was it really so long a go? Gosh. I am slow to post pics...

Though I assembled this mainly in the workshop I didn't have much time to add all the details I wanted....two hours is never enough! I purchased some die-cut icicles that I added to the houses and to the outer edge of the box. The model trees were anchored down using air-dry clay. The penguins were purchased from a toy shop! And the rosette originally intended for on top of the box ended up on the ramp/flap displaying the greeting when the box was opened.

The main change I made at home was that I extended the base of the box to include a hidden compartment for the battery pack. The underneath of the box still has a hexagon of snowy paper as a covering but there is a tiny slot for you to reach the on and off switch for the lights! Whilst two houses got a full set of lights, the final house had a few inside, to make it look like someone might be at home.

I did purchase a Momma Penguin for inside the box too but the scale was just all wrong, so she is now a figure head/handle on the lid! I used the extra die-cut icicle strips to disguise the false bottom of the box.

All done! Don't think it'll ever be for sale, too much time and energy spent to work out what the price would be :) Also....model trees are darned expensive!

Thanks for reading. Thoroughly recommend this workshop if Helen does it again. :)

(Workshop info usually on this page)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Preparing for my first workshop!

Extremely nervous and excited about Sunday's Jewellery Workshop. Everything is now laid out and I think perhaps I have over done it on the beads, lol! I've sorted things into a selection of small plastic boxes, infact a lot of small plastic boxes, think they might have sent me barmy ;) Just trying to work out now what I have forgotten.... always the difficult bit :) Looking forward to seeing everyone in the cafe on Sunday :D

New sets of tools arrived this morning.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Updated pics!

Added a batch of new photos to the Facebook Cartway Cards Album!
(Cards are mainly from December 2013.) Click the pic to see.

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Sunday, February 09, 2014

Monday, February 03, 2014

Tutorial - Little Owl Stamp

I've done a new blog tutorial on the Crafty Magic Craft Club Blog today, clicky the picture to go look :)