Friday, October 23, 2020

Pastures New.

Hi Everyone! You may already be aware that I have been having some problems with Facebook treating my blog as inappropriate or a spam URL. It's been 3 weeks now and in the that time I decided to set up a new blog on Wordpress for a short-term fix. After a while I decided that maybe a move to Wordpress was a good long-term plan! The new interface is pretty awful imho and whilst moving everything between platforms is hard work, I think the results on Wordpress look much more professional than here. Would you like to sign up to my new blog?  Currently I am keeping this blog in case it's ever released from Facebook Cancel Prison but I won't be posting here again until then.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

More Alice!

Hi again, it's been a while since I have shared a Sweet Escape Digis stamp, but I always enjoy colouring them. This is Alice, part two, because Berenice (from Sweet Escape) kindly sent me both because I ordered the wrong one, lol. Thank you!

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And here is my version:

As you can see I did a major crop!  Her proportions would be perfect for the very trendy skinny card option but because I wanted to add so much detail I printed her out much larger, and that didn't given room for the legs, lol. My card is 17 cm x17 cm.

She is coloured with polychromos and a touch of posca paint on her eyes. Background paper is from Making Cards Magazine.

Thanks for joining me today. Sweet Escape Digis has some awesome stamps so do please check out the shop, and then pop by the facebook group as there is often an money saving offer running or a free stamp with purchase!

Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Faery Ink Little Mermaid Queen

Another Card and Prize Giveaway!

50% off promo code is : SWIMMINGLY use it on any purchase from the Faery Ink Shop!

To take part in the giveaway (All Giveaway Links will work shortly.)-

(You are welcome to enter in all three places for extra chances to win!)
Also 2 runner up prizes of 3 free digis from the Faery Ink Shop!

 I am super excited to announce another card and digistamp giveaway but this time with Faery Ink Art and Design! Have you ever been and had a good look thru the Faery Ink Etsy Shop? Soooo many amazing images that look really exciting to colour up! 

I loved colouring Little Mermaid Queen, and my card is part of the top prize along with 3 free digistamps of your choice from the Faery Ink Shop!

Here is the Little Mermaid Queen digistamp that I worked with:

And here is my version:

As normal its all polychromo pencils on kraft card with a bit of white posca pen and stickles! Not done the white spot dandruff hair for a while and I think it works ok on a mermaid, lol!

Really happy with how her tail came out, I think it's my best version using this method yet, but would like to get it down to an exact formula before I share how I do it, make it as easy as possible!

The background paper is recoloured but original is from Making Cards Magazine. Font is Candy Buzz BTN. Bling was from Hobbycraft, it's an awesome mermaid type set, defo would recommend!

I had such a good time colouring up this stamp, I hope I can send her to a loving new home soon! Please feel free to enter wherever you can. Details on how to take part are in the giveaway post wherever you head to! Good Luck!

Friday, October 02, 2020


  Hi everyone! I am back with a Dr.Digi DT Friday, had a week off as I was on my holibobs, a socially-distanced, well-detolled mainly outdoor holibob! Whilst I was there I coloured up Videogame Vince, but didn't get very long each evening and as the seaside air rather knocks me out! lol! Here he is...

Here he is the shop:

And here is my version:

To accompany him I also used the free UFO digistamp and the Invader Dots background paper.

There were so many opportunities to add some texture on this digi, as you know I really love doing that. I did also have him in a string vest at one point but it was sooooo hard to do on such small sections of vest that I am going to try again on another digi, lol!

If you like these videogame digis and papers, there is also a really cool money saving Tech Set, including papers, digis and sentiments!

This time I made my own sentiment using 256 Bytes font and added it to my topper. Images coloured with polychromo pencils. I print my background paper from Dr.Digi's straight onto a 300 gsm white cardstock so I can use it to make my card blank without messing around with extra paper.

Thanks for joining me today! Hope you like his stripy pants!

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Halloween Card Giveaway and Offer Code for Everyone!

Hi All! Time for a Giveaway! And new Halloween Offer Code!!  If you would like to win a hand-coloured Halloween Card please leave a comment saying which one you would like to win in one of these three places -

Also if you fancy a look at all the awesome Halloween Stamps Dr.Digi has on offer, why not also use digiween20 offer code for 20% off everything in the Halloween section! (Valid til the end of the month.)

The card choices are - Cheeky Devil, Mr. Bitey, Werekitty or Vlad! All hand coloured by me.

Please note -This giveaway is not affiliated with any other companies. It is open internationally. I may need an address to send a card to but this will not be retained anywhere after initial use. Open to everyone, please try and share and tag so we can grow our crafty community. Thank you!

If you don't use facebook or instagram and would like to take part, leave me a message on this post and I will add you into entries at the end. :)


Thursday, September 10, 2020

And here is Colton (Part 2)

 And I am back with my second post! (Post 1 is here.) Here is Colton, also a newly released Polka Dot Pal from Barbara Sproatmeyer one of the Artist/Illustrators at Whimsy Stamps

So this is Beau's brother Colton who in honour of her decorating his Studio has decided to do a portrait of her! His currently creative influence is mainly Van Gogh, lol.

He is coloured with polychromos with a few spots of white posca pen. It's not essential to use a white pen for highlights but it really makes them pop!

Here is what the stamp set looks like in he shop:

And here is a close up of my version:

Everything but the sentiment and the room are parts of the stamp set! There are so many cool items to build up a scene or even a background paper to match him! I was tempted but went with a sploshy 1980s colour themed paper as I had for Beau. (Using distress inks and HA AC026 Brush Strokes Stamp Set.)

I added a sentiment (in Courier New Font) on afterwards because I couldn't make up my mind what occasion I wanted to use him for! So this sentiment is removable at the moment! Thought this would be a cute birthday or Valentines sentiment. Do you know what song it's from?

Loved the challenge of making up a pair of cards, feel really honoured that Barbara let me play with her new stamp sets! The scale of real stamps is often much smaller than I print digital stamps so I had to think carefully how to cram in as much detail as possible, luckily Barbara's stamps are drawn beautifully and are a pleasure to use.

Thanks for joining me on this release day! Make sure to check out all of Barbara's super stamps in the Whimsy shop and why not check out her blog where there is often inspo and a giveaway to take part in! Win win!

Beau and more later....(Part 1)

Sharing a pair of cards today featuring two of the newly released stamp sets from Barbara Sproatmeyer! She is one of the artists/illustrators at Whimsy Stamps and Beau (and later Colton) are two new Polka Dot Pals released today! Both with an artsy vibe!

Here is Beau, she has spent all day decorating her brother's (Colton!) art studio. I like to invent a little narrative as I colour. I know, it's bonkers. There is a clue to the geographical location of this studio within the picture!

Apart from the sentiment, masking tape and room background all of these stamps are part of the set! Just tonnes of options for creating a decorating or painting scene with them. I was spoilt for choice.

Here is the full stamp set:

And here is my creation close up:

She is on kraft card and I coloured her with polychromo pencils. I added a few touches of white posca paint and white gel pen. Sentiment made on the computer and is Mister Sirloin font.

I didn't have a background paper that I liked so I made one! I used distress oxides also on kraft paper and then cut down to size. This is one of my most used Hero Arts Sets, Brush Strokes AC026.

Bling was from the stash, and I am really happy with how she came out - adding a smear of paint on her face really made me happy with her!

Thanks for joining me for this post, in a couple of hours I will post part 2, Beau's brother Colton! Why not check out Barbara's blog to see her makes with the new releases next?

Friday, September 04, 2020

Going to the vets....

Happy Dr.Digi Friday! I have only recently spotted this digi in the shop, and that's pretty amazing, cos I spend a lot of time deciding which furry creature would be fun to colour next, lol! This is "Vera, Vince and Viki - Visit the Vets!" 

Here they are in the shop:

And here is my version:

I also used for this card two more Dr.Digi's Products! The Tartan Backing Paper Set and the Pet Sentiment Sheet 01.

Backing Paper:

I used the yellowy orange colour-way but reduced the green element a little and softened the colours. I then printed it straight out onto my 300gsm card stock to turn into my card blank.


I added the sentiment directly to my topper when I printed it out ready to colour -this makes it all super easy to just 3D foam attach to my card blank, no additional hassles!

As normal it's polychromos on smooth kraft card with some highlights thanks to posca pen. 

New bling was from "B and M bargain" when I ventured into one last weekend at my own peril! But yay! bling! 

Thanks for joining me today, loved colouring this stamp up, I hope you can tell? I don't envy her though, taking two pets to the vets will be mighty expensive, lol!

Wednesday, September 02, 2020


It's a very dangerous thing suggesting to an enabler craft friend (Amy at Sweet November Stamps!) that you like her digistamp (Fluke Swiftfin!) and really want to do a crazy version of it. Then they send you the stamp and say "do it!". 

So, Jason Momoa Merman happened. lol!

This is the digistamp, I used it as a guide and stayed pretty much to the layout, just added in a few details on his face and a few tattoos on his body! (He also comes with a M.C. Hammerhead shark that I did not include, sorry!)

If you follow the link to look at it in the shop you can see Amy's version of him, much easier to see the original stamp on that.
And here is my version (lol):

I kind of based this on his Aquaman outfit, though he doesn't have a tail in that, but if he did I hope it would look like this one! I tried cross-hatch scales on his tail too this time, its MUCH easier than doing individual scallops

I REALLY enjoyed doing this, and I am so pleased that Amy let me do it!  I know it's not a perfect Momoa, but it's almost there??? lol.

Thanks for joining me today, hope you had a little lol at Fluke Momoa and enjoyed my barmy ideas :)