Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Earring Tutorial

Earring Diagram
Originally uploaded by Eekers!
I wanted to send an earring idea to my friend Toni so I have popped it on here, with a bit of a picture to help explain :)

The parts on the right are all that is needed to make the earring on the left. ( There should be five headpins though, I seem to have lost one..)


Put one bead and one spacer on a headpin four times. Put loops at the top of each one making sure that....,
- One has virtually know spare head pin visible, so the loop is up tight to the spacer bead. ( Call this "A")
- Two are the same length (These are "B"s) and the final one is a little bit longer.(C)

Cut the head off one of the remaining headpins and make one end into a loop. Thread on, in order, B, spacer bead, jump ring, C, jumpring, spacer bead, B
Now place a loop at the other end of the head pin ( Try and get all the loops facing the same way) and then bend it into a circle. I used a pen ( pictured here.) and just wrapped it around.

Open up a jump ring and slide on, in order,
-One end of the loop
- A
- The other end of the loop
-Earring hook

Close the jump ring and that's it! :)