Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Tiny Totoro Terrariums

 What people don't tell you about making terrariums is how hard it is to get a good photo of them!  :) This has been an ongoing project for a couple of weeks, of a couple of years if you count how long I have had the jars in which to make them!

I order the figures from ebay but when they came they needed a bit of retouching with acrylics.


The jars were from the charity shop.
The twine was left over from the last wedding invites I made.
The charm is from ye olde bead stash.
I purchased fresh cork pieces for the base and used grass intended for Minature Warcraft set ups, easily available on ebay too.
For some of the them I used bark/twig my friend Helen kindly donated me from her garden.
I added a felt base to them afterwards too.

On the bottom of the cork lid there are glow in the dark stars which add a bit of night time interest. As yet I have not found anything glowy enough to actually light them up properly at night. I shall keep up the hunt!

I have two bigger jars to have a go at next! :)


  1. ohhhh! I LOVE those!
    those are just gorgeous!

  2. Wow, these are really cool! Nice spring decor item and such cuties inside!

  3. Wow Annabel these are fantastic!
    xoxo Olga

  4. What a great idea, love them, thank you so much for the inspiration, lots of hugs, Marion

  5. OMG I've only just seen these they turned out awesome. To cute for words x