Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Leprecons for Swapsies.

Leprecons for Swapsies.
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One of the cool things on Flickr is getting crafty contacts via your photos. It's been no effort to find some really cool people for inspiration and collaboration.
I am particularly pleased to have joined UK Etsy Swap Madness, where I can send my surplus craft items to other members and gain points to spend on items other people offer. Nifty idea and I have had some brilliant stuff out of it.

Today I am listing these sheets of "delightful" decoupage >_< *shudders* I kept one sheet, for St.Patricks day next year!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Overview pic

Finished Tamina Kit
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Less arty pic, more clear what it looks like. I just cant ignore the desire for clarity :)

Close up of Tamina bracelet.

Finally finished, the Tamina bracelet, from the kit from Spellbound beads.

Super keen now to try another kit, or may be this kit, with some of my own bead and design choices...

I am also trying to figure out a way to improve the fastening on this looks simple, and pretty, but its just not safe enough to risk by it's self. It's going to be hard to alter it on this finished bracelet, but I might be able to make improvements for the next time. :)

Russian Doll Handbag Charm Sold!

Pleased to have another sale on etsy, I was sure I wasnt the only person to like handbag charms of an eclectic nature, at last I have proof! :)

This is a pic of the charm, in its wrapping, ready to go!

Picture of handbag charm.

Had a lovely mail back from the buyer too, its great to get some feedback! ^_^


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Doing a bracelet kit I purchased at Spellbound beads in Lichfield. Really enjoying it...

It's actually alot further along than this now..I am attaching each small circle together..slowly! I might try the pattern again with some of my own choice of beads, tho it takes me quite a while, so I am not sure it would be profitable to sell them! :)

New butterfly cards...

New butterfly cards...
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Purcased this butterflys from a florist some time ago.. been waiting for ages to make them.. They squish nice and flat, the extra bulk, provided by the folded design, keeps the butterfly safe.

Built as per the cards below, no changes.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Anniversary Love.

Anniversary Love.
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I never know what to do with those chipboard bits.. they always seem a bit too chunky for cards.. but this worked out ok :) Been wanting to try this folded card for a while, its actually v.simple and squishes flat fine for posting. :)

14cm x 14cm blank.
13cm X 13cm matt
11.5 x 11.5 matt
14 cm square, folded into the centre, then out again.

v.simple... ^_^

Friday, May 01, 2009

Linkage - LJ Feed.

If you would like to have my crafts blog as a feed in your Livejournal Friends Page, then it is available by clicking the link in this post's title, or here -

(Thanks to Mokie who set it up for me) ^_^

Later edit! I dont know if this work now I have changed my blog name, i'll have to pester Mokes I think to sort it for me.. so message me if you want this set up, else I prolly will leave poor Mokieone in peace :)

Linkage - Ripe Berry Set.

The "Ripe Berry" Paper/Scrapbook Kit I am loving right now is still being demo'd on the QVC website! It's by Colorbok, so I think might only be available through QVC in the UK, not sure tho.. I am hunting it out :)

It only cost me about £13 from the QVC shop in Shrewsbury. I have decided to look out for another one... I just want more of the 12x12 paper, its yummy.

Post title links to demo video.