Tuesday, February 27, 2018

LMMS Tuesday Time! - with snails.

These snails really make me chuckle! Wanted to share them with you on Little Miss Muffet Stamps Tuesday and they are my fourth project as Guest DT! Here are Belated Birthday Snails!

Although they are probably perfect for a belated card, I also think they are perfect for a snail mail card! Or just a "happy mail" theme! I coloured them with polychromo pencils on kraft card and the font is Concurso Modern.

Here is a link to them in the shop, where they are actually a rubber stamp which makes a change for me! Although I am a convert to the world of digital stamps, it's still really nice to have a REAL stamp sometimes, they are fab if you want to get a bit more creative!

I didn't use all the original squiggles that came with the image, but swapped most of them out for extra stars and then added glossy accents and stickles to make the image sparkle!

Did you know Little Miss Muffet Stamps has a fab facebook community? There is plenty of inspiration and ideas there as well as updates on offers for the shop! Join up?

Friday, February 23, 2018

It's Alice!

Happy Dr.Digi Friday Everyone! And today I bringeth you Alice! Not be confused with Alice the Alpaca!

So because I didn't stipulate which Alice I wanted to colour, my Boss (The Dr.Digi) sent me both! :D I decided to colour her up on a thank you card for the next time I need to send a thank you to my friend who is somewhat Alice obsessed. :) This Alice is part of a whole series on Dr.Digi, you can see them if you follow this link -  here.

I coloured her with polychromos and added a few drops of glossy accents and some stickles. The backing paper was from a freebie set from Making Cards Magazine. Fonts are Copperplate and Burton's Nightmare.

Here she is in digi format. And she is a bargain at only £1.50! Super cheap! She has really nice hair if you want to have a practice at Copic flicking! :)

Plenty more to see in the Dr.Digi Facebook group? Why not join us and see what the DT are up to ?

“But I don’t want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.

"Oh, you can’t help that," said the Cat: "we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad."
"How do you know I’m mad?" said Alice.
"You must be," said the Cat, "or you wouldn’t have come here.” ~ Lewis Carroll.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Third Tuesday LMMS Post! - with added foxes.

Hello again! Back on a tuesday with some gorgeous Little Miss Muffet Stamps digi action! And this time is Celeste Amberglow Winter Woods. Yes, you are correct, I chose her cos of the fox. I am that predictable :)

This is such an incredibly pretty stamp, I really wanted to work hard to do her justice. I also was super keen to try out some new textures, so the boots have two textures and I wanted to add fur trims to the hoody. The greeting is simple because I am going to send her to a friend later on this year. (Font is Breamcatcher). As normal I used polychromo pencils on kraft card.

I added some glossy accents to her eyes and some stickles to the hearts on her hoody just to bling her up a bit, tho I was very tempted to leave her completely plain. Pearly gems around her were ancient stash finds. Used a new paper pad for the backing paper - Retro Feelings by Craft Sensations (Which claims to be doublesided, but unfortunately isn't!). I liked the colours in this paper tho, and thought it went well with the image.

There are so many ways to colour Celeste, I felt really inspired and just wanted to colour her again afterwards! If she tempts you, here she is in the shop:

Thanks very much for reading this far! If you would like the chance to win a voucher to spend in the LMMS shop, why don't you take part in the next LMMS Challenge on the Challenge Blog? Also a nice way to see some inspiration from the Design Team for using the stamps!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Little Miss Muffet Tuesday Time!

It's the second tuesday of the month and I am back with a new GDT Little Miss Muffet Project, and this time I have used Luna Bitterfrost Fallen Angel.

Isn't she awesome!? And great for feather practice, hair practice and skin practice! Really enjoyed doing her pink wings but it did take a while to do. They immediately improved with some pink glittery stickles right at the very end!

It's a simple greeting because I am going to use it for a commissioned card. (Font is Bernadette Rough) The remit for the commission was pink and sparkly, and I already know that they like shoes, so hoping her outfit will appeal too! I love her boots!

Really enjoyed my second guest project for Little Miss Muffet Stamps. Luna was such fun to do, plenty of little detail challenges to get stuck in to! Hope my customer likes her as much as I do :) Fancy colouring her yourself? Here she is in the shop!

LMMS has a fab facebook group you know? Why not pop by, join up and have a chat? :) It's also a great way to find out about new releases!

Friday, February 09, 2018

Tyson and Topsy

It's Dr.Digi Friday Time Again! (Did that need to be capitalised?? oh dear, lols) And this is Tyson and Topsy, which I think I won from Dr.Digi's a while back but now I'm on the DT I have a very good excuse to colour them up!

I thought it would also make a cool image for a thank you card!  They are both coloured up in polychromos (think the collar is prolly the best bit!) and I added some glossy accents to Topsy's eyes  and Tyson's nose and some bling from the stash.  Here are a couple of close up of the creatures :)

I haven't made an inner for it yet as I keep having to rephrase the inners when the card gets used, so I many as well leave them blank til they are needed! There's logic in that somewhere! Font is Crazy Girls Blond.

If you'd like to see them in digi format, here you go, and clicking the image will take you to the shop to purchase!

Thanks very much for stopping by! Lots more inspiration for Dr.Digi stamps on the Dr.Digi Facebook Page, click and join ussssss?

Thursday, February 08, 2018

Nobody owns a cat.

It's the eighth of the month so I am here to share my new Little Blue Button DT Pick with you! (Cross post.) I chose "Girl with Kitty" this month and sorry but it's a bit of a cuteness overload! Love this digi, lots of detail to make it interesting to colour and some lovely options for texture!

I coloured her with polychromos as normal and added a quote that I thought went well with the image. It always feels like a privilege spending time with a cat. Well that's what my cat told me :) Font is Fineliner Script.

I was inspired by my friend Fiki for this stamp! So I did pink ombré hair!! :D Fiki always does super colouring on her LBB stamps :) Reminds me to be a bit more creative. I added posca paint spots to her bow and a touch of stickles to her top.

Here she is in the shop if you would like to see what the digistamp looks like?

Bling is from the stash and the background paper was a other freebie from Making Cards Magazine (Am trying to use them up and enjoying some fresh papers to use - I keep trying not to buy new paper, but these freebies dont count, lol!)

Why not visit LBB on facebook and see whats going on and also check out if there are money off offers before you purchase? :)

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Little Miss Muffet Tuesday!

For the next five tuesdays I have the great honour of being a Guest Design Team Member for Little Miss Muffet Stamps! Was very excited to join the team for a stint and colour in some of the fabulous images! It's going to be hard for me to pick a favourite, but I might be starting with it! Here is Gelsey.

I had seen her once before on my friend Marion's Blog and thought she looked awesome to colour! I also wanted to pick a strong quote or saying for her, and in the end chose "Kind Heart, Fierce Mind, Brave Spirit" so I can send it to a friend next time someone needs some strength and support! (Font is Holiday Springs BTN)

I have coloured her with polychromo pencils (on kraft card ) and a tiny bit of white posca pen. I also added Glossy Accents to the beads and some stickles to her tail. Bling/Bubbles are from the stash.

Quite like it when the smooth card under the pencil catches the light and makes her tail look translucent! Wish I could capture that with my own colouring!  Gelsey is in the Little Miss Muffet Shop for just $3, and I definitely enjoyed every cents worth, so many details to focus on and effects to try and create! I pushed myself to go gold with Gelsey, and not fall back on my usual silvery metal effects, I think it gave her a richer look?

Thanks very much Little Miss Muffet Stamps for having me on the team! Project one complete! Excited to share project two next week!

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Happy Day!

Happy 1st of Feb and here is a the beautiful new release digi "Happy Day Anna" from Little Blue Button to welcome in the new month! Are you ready for spring? I am! And Anna seems to have a spring in her step too!

Love the movement in this digi, she was so much fun to colour! Really liked working on her hair and the little dog in his jacket! As normal I used polychromo pencils on kraft, with just a touch of stickles. Here are some close ups.

The background paper and bling are from the stash, and the paper is beyond ancient and it really was time it found it's perfect project, and I think this was it!

The font is Bernadette Rough and I thought it an ideal digi to add a "Just dashing by sentiment".

Thanks very much for reading today's post! If you would like some more info on Little Blue Button Stamps, and to see some of the Design Teams amazing inspirational work, please join us on Facebook or the LBB Blog!