Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Little Miss Muffet Tuesday Time!

It's the second tuesday of the month and I am back with a new GDT Little Miss Muffet Project, and this time I have used Luna Bitterfrost Fallen Angel.

Isn't she awesome!? And great for feather practice, hair practice and skin practice! Really enjoyed doing her pink wings but it did take a while to do. They immediately improved with some pink glittery stickles right at the very end!

It's a simple greeting because I am going to use it for a commissioned card. (Font is Bernadette Rough) The remit for the commission was pink and sparkly, and I already know that they like shoes, so hoping her outfit will appeal too! I love her boots!

Really enjoyed my second guest project for Little Miss Muffet Stamps. Luna was such fun to do, plenty of little detail challenges to get stuck in to! Hope my customer likes her as much as I do :) Fancy colouring her yourself? Here she is in the shop!

LMMS has a fab facebook group you know? Why not pop by, join up and have a chat? :) It's also a great way to find out about new releases!


  1. This is a lovely card! I'm sure your customer will be thrilled with it. :) Great details and such an inspiration to me. Thank you!

  2. this is so great!
    love it!
    love your coloring!

  3. Pink Fairy, LOLs what happened to you!! Shes lush, did you do the nose!!?? xx