Monday, March 20, 2017

Weekend trip out!

Went with Helen to the NEC on Saturday. It was verrrrrrrry busy! Whilst we mainly went for the hobbycrafts/papercraft show we had enough energy this time to check out some of the cake stuff. They had competition cakes there, and some were amazing! Thought I would share a few photos of some of our favs!

I loved this labrador in the water! And the unicorn in the water was pretty epic too. The texture of this hedgehog on a large Alice in Wonderland cake was amazing and I am a sucker for anything with Niffler on. :)

Helen was not at all happy about the doomed bunny cake (It was amazingly made though!). The lemons were a breast cancer awareness cake.  The princess and the pea was stunning and the beaver cupcake selection were my fav cupcake deco effort. I didn't realise alot of the cakes aren't tasted, and it was really odd seeing some of the decorations with large bites taken out in the tasted section!

Thought this one was super successful, tho not as complicated as others it was so pretty!

We had a fun day out, but I'm not sure if we will go to another March Hobbycrafts show at the NEC. It's so expensive compared to the Midland Motor Museum Show and has only a few papercraft aisles these days. I suppose Sewing and Baking are more trendy now, and papercrafts is all a bit old hat? :)


  1. Beautiful pictures and cakes! but my favorite is the last one with the unicorn!
    xoxo Olga

  2. oh very beautiful photos!

  3. It was fantastic considering we went for papercrafting LOL the cakes were sooo much better, if only some people would stop saying can you eat that then??!! Great day out, makes you want to make cakes but after our fimo creations I think we may need to steer clear as there appears to be a lot of those techniques needed. xx

  4. amazing pieces of cake, almost not wanting to eat them so pretty, even the one with the rabbit, although I feel for him, but the drawings on the bird and rabbit are so lifelike, awesome job, hope you enjoyed yourselfs, lots of hugs, Marion