Thursday, March 26, 2015

Yesterday's Cards.

Had a good card making day yesterday and finished a few customer orders. Had a request for more black pug cards!

New Home Pug was loosely based on a Pinterest picture (I'll come back and add a link when I find it again.) and I attempted to recreate the idea in a vintage style using some Santoro Mirabelle card and tissue paper. I am not sure the curtain worked but I might have another go with material at a later date.

Flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts, can't find anywhere better!

The second card was a birthday card for a pug!

First off, I printed out the number "2" to fit onto a 14cmx14cm piece of paper. (Which in turn would go onto a 15cmx15cm card blank.)

I used some pug photos from google image search as inspiration and did a pen and ink image inside the shape of the number 2. I then added crosshatch style shade to give the image a bit more clarity.

I cut out the two (Getting rid of some messy edges), mounted it onto black card  and 3D foam mounted it onto the 14cmx14cm stripey paper (American Crafts) and then matt and layered this onto black card and finally the silver card blank.

Both cards dispatched today to the customer.

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