Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Happy 18th Nephew

Happy 18th Nephew
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Commission for the same 18 year old as the gardening card I made. I hope they look really different! :D

This is what happens when I actually sit down with an idea in mind and then try and recreate it. Normally I just work with one item that stimulates the ideas for the rest of the card... but with this one I kinda had an idea to work with.

The sheet music printed for free online.
On the computer I made the top two rows of notes, imposed a letter on them, and then printed them out. Cut out and foam padded on.
The bottom layer of notes are printed again, slightly bigger, and then the letters are brads.
This is three levels, so I had enough room to hide the backs of the brads, and inset the knotted b&w string.
Finished off with a length of the b&w string at the bottom.

I dont often do anything in monochrome, so this was a bit of a departure for me :)

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