Friday, June 29, 2018

Best in show!

Very happy to be back with more from Dr.Digi's! Saw this image and knew it would be perfect for my Cousin (Well actually my Mum's cousin, but it gets so complicated!), she is really into gardening and often enters horticultural events and competitions. This digi is "Best In Show".

As normal it's polychromos, and I worked hard on trying to get the marrow right! I actually coloured it solidly in light and dark green stripes, and then made the spotty pattern using my electric derwent rubber, the effect was the right kind of shape spots!

This is my second go at the lady on the left's dress, originally it was covered in vegetable patterns but it looked a bit too messy and uneven to be a printed dress so I went back to a check pattern. You don't get many chances to redo an area on this kraft cardstock, but you can erase a complete layer once without too much impact on the tooth.

Font is one of my current favs - Bernadette Rough. The paper is from a freebie set that came with a magazine, think it might be christmas but it didn't matter for this :)

Close up of the older lady.

Close up of the young girl.

Here it is the shop. Unusually for me I didn't change much at all, I just added a stem to her glasses, I don't count adding pattern as a change, lol.

Tempted to have a go at colouring it? Both characters are really fun to do and the marrow wasn't hard at all for a background! Hoping my Cousin laughs and then wonders which one she is meant to look like? lol.

I have entered this into the Morgan's ArtWorld June Challenge.


  1. Wow!!! What you can do with colored pencils absolutely floors me! This is brilliant!

    And I have to ask - what is a marrow? I actually looked it up on Wikipedia and didn't get much of an explanation there either. Is it similar to a zucchini? I don't think I have ever seen one here in the States. Or maybe I just live in a hole. ;)

    But really, this is truly amazing! You are tempting me to put my watercolors aside and actually pick up my dusty pencils. ;) Wonderful job!

    1. Hi Jennifer! So a marrow is just a courgette/zucchini that has been left on the plant to grow for longer. They taste the same to me but are handy if you want to hollow them out bake something inside them. Delicious. I would think you have them in the USA too, but maybe they are called something else, or they just aren't very trendy anymore, like a food fashion, they were really big in the 70's :D Hope you do feel inspired to crack open the pencils or even... use them over your next watercolour project? :D x

    2. Thanks for the information. :) I have accidentally left zucchini on the vine too long and had them grow to enormous size. Didn't realize that they took on a new name at that point. Learn new things every day!

      Nice thing about the pencils is how portable they are vs. watercolors not being quite so. You are inspiring me!

  2. gorgeous colouring and card as always.
    what brand/type of kraft cardstock do u use?

    1. Hi Erica, it's called Hessian Buff and unfortunately I can't find anywhere selling it online at the moment. It's a pretty smooth kraft card. Papermill Direct sell something very similar called "Buff Smooth". Sorry I can't be more helpful, I will post on facebook if I find Hessian Buff for sale anywhere and hopefully remember to tag you :) x

  3. I love it! Love everything about it!

  4. I love love love this project. Fantastic Image and so wonderfully coloured to. I love to visit your blog and view your talent. Wonderful work. Thank you for sharing with us over here at Morgan's Artworld Challenge, best of luck with your entry.

    Annette DT for<br

  5. OMG, this is too funny. Great colors and coloring. So glad you joined us at Morgan's Artworld Open Challenge and best of luck with your entry.

    Arlene DT for

  6. Fabulous creation, lovely coloring! Thank you for sharing with us over at Morgan's Artworld Open Challenge and best of luck with your entry.

    Sherry DT for