Thursday, June 07, 2018


Hi! Had in a quirky request card I wanted to share with you! This is -

MIB + Ferrets on Leads + Texas + ENT + Leaving Card.

I didn't have much time for this, so it's literally a drawing, coloured with copics and mounted on a large 19cmx19cm card. The greeting, in Breamcatcher, is 3D foam mounted onto the picture.

I drew this in pencil and then outlined it in black pigment fine liner. Then coloured it with copics.

If you were interested in ordering a card off me, like this, or with any random quirky image it costs between £5 and £6 including postage. You can order from me via email, or if you want to be super safe (I understand!) you can order from me via this etsy listing.

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  1. Love this; makes me want to sing the tune and look for the worm guys xx