Thursday, August 20, 2009


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My friend T has bought me a very early Xmas present and here it is! A Peg Loom! I am currently looming a cushion cover in left over bits of wool from the knitty kitties.

It's extremely satisfying!

Thank you Toni ^_^

More pics later...

I saw some superb looming wool in Ipikin, in Much Wenlock. It's a beautiful wool shop, absolutely crammed with different kinds of wool, I cant find a website for it though, but i'll keep looking :)

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  1. I love Ipikin in Much Wenlock, I am like a child in a sweet shop when I walk in. Dont know where to look first, and desperate to find something to knit with all the beautiful wool. I have knit since I was a child, and at 45 still as passionate as ever. I always have a few projects on the go too. Happy knitting. Kerry x Oh the pegloom, have done that too, love it. Its all like an addiction really lol. My name is Kerry and I am a craft addict.!!!!!