Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Another fifty years....

Final Golden Wedding card for a bit I think! :) Had to be something different again and the customer had requested poppies so a good excuse to break out the Indigo Blu Poppy Heart Stamp!

  • Stamp was heat embossed in gold onto card blank. 
  • Top layer was 3D foamed onto the base with a die cut heart to fit over the stamped image beneath.
  • Then I cut another heart in a spare piece of  the same card stock and then cut around the hole, to make a frame for the heart which I 3D mounted on top. ( Added gold bling to this, but it looks rather like brown bling in the photo!)
  • After that I die cut some swirls and leaves as a base for the flowers in the same pearlescent card stock.
  • I painted some poppies with gold paint to get them to tie in. ( I tried leaving them red but it just didn't work... and if I added in more reds to the card layout  it started to look like a ruby wedding card not a golden one. ) The effect was almost like rose gold, so I think it worked ok!
  • Greeting phrase was created on the computer. 

1 comment:

  1. Love those poppies in gold the red was no good then LOL!! Its a fab card hope they like it xx