Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Rustic Wedding Invites - with added bunting :)

Wanted to pop a few photos of the wedding invites I made earlier in the year for a long term customer :) It wasn't complicated so much as time consuming, so if you ever pay someone to make invites for you, and it maybe seems expensive, just guestimate how long each one will take! 

The bride sent me links to a number of invites she liked on pinterest and we morphed them into her own special design.

Fonts are (chosen by bride) Edwardian Script ITC and Copperplate Gothic.
Card is Kendal Buff 270gsm
Cream Lace and 2 ply hessian string from ebay.
Bunting die from diesire
Bunting papers from the stash to fit a vintage pastels theme.

Boxed and ready to go. Bundles of ten.

A big thankyou to my friends who helped me get them done! :)

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