Friday, August 26, 2016

Day out in Landan :)

Just wanted to share a few of the photos of a super day out I had with my friends Helen and Audrey in Landan back in July! It's taken me a while to write it up, collect the photos and make the post, I'm soooo slow! :)

We figured it was pretty unlikely that we would ever get to go to the Hello Kitty Cafe in Shibuya Japan, or Hello Kitty World (Hello Kitty Sanrio Puroland),so when we heard that a pop-up Hello Kitty Cafe had opened in Landan, we jumped at the chance of going!
Hello Kitty Sanrio Puroland
Hello Kitty Sanrio Puroland)

So we caught the train to London Euston on a rather miserable soggy day and were there in no time. (Possibly due to nattering all the way there!) The train was very busy, but Euston wasn't too bad and we made our way to the British Library which we had been advised was good for cafe/people watching potential. The shop was awesome too! Unfortunately it was bucketing down by the time we had finished in the shop so we had to go for a drink (and cake) in the indoor cafe. Here are a few photos from the library that I took for instagram.

We'd planned to do the Japan Centre or Carnaby Street between the library and our 2 o'clock booking at the Hello Kitty Cafe but it took sooooooo lonnnnnng to get across London in the taxi we had to go straight there. We had awesome taxi drivers that day, helpful, friendly, rounding down the price!

The Hello Kitty Pop-up Cafe was downstairs in a cafe called Cutter and Squidge in Soho.It's only open til the 31st August so hope you've already booked if you wanted to go!

Here are Helen and Audrey before the food arrived! Innocent of the fact we were about to be overwhelmed by sugary goodness! :) We were lucky to get the best seats in the house, complete with Hello Kitty themed cushions! Here are Helen and I , modelling a couple of them!


Below is the menu, cutlery etc on the table. We had booked for the "tea" so we didn't get choices apart from our hot drink!

Here are some of the gratuitous food shots! There was so much! Everything was amazing. Even if it was a little odd, it was still delicious! :)

After not doing the feast justice at all, they packaged up our doggy bags and we popped back up to the counter to buy some Merch! I got a super exclusive Hello Kitty mug and reusable Hello Kitty landan themed shopping bag. Love them both! :) Tho I am slightly scared to put the mug in the dishwasher!

 Image from Bloomsbury Angel -

After that it was STILL raining so we got another taxi to Artbox, which had been recommended to us to buy kawaii items! It was just round the corner from Covent Garden, the final stop on our day out. Artbox wasn't as big or as packed with goodies as we had hoped for but we still got some awesome stuff we probably wouldn't have got anywhere else but Japan (please ignore the whole of the internet rather proving this statement to be twaddle.)

After Artbox we walked round the corner to Covent Garden, where it was STILL RAINING! and we popped into the central market area for toilet stop and mooch. My friend Grace's sister (Kat!) had recommended Paul's Bakery for a stop off and it was an excellent suggestion. The rain finally stopped as we walked over to it (2 mins from the central square) and we were a bit shattered by that point, (all that sitting and eating!) so a bit of very comfy Paul's luxury was just what we needed. (Thanks Kat!)

 Image from Mapping London -

Popped to Paperchase and then straight back via taxi to Euston Station, where a very kind man (Do I sound like a nana when I say that?) allowed us to catch a slightly earlier (than our ticket officially allowed) train to go home!. I was pooped! :)

One of my favourite days ever! Thank you Helen and Audrey :)


  1. Wow, what a fun outing! I am a huge Hello Kitty fan myself so this looks like a day I would have thoroughly enjoyed! Great photos and great blog post!

  2. Oh what a great memory for a fabulous day out with my bestest buddy and Ma. We had such a lovely time can't wait fot the next one. Harry Potter World here we come!!! HUgs xx

  3. such a nice visit to a lovely place, you have to go back some time and visit the places you did not have time for, the kitty cafee is awesome, love the mugs, lots of hugs, xxx, Marion