Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Ten Year Cardaversary?

I have been making cards now for ten years. I thought it would be fun to find photos of the first cards I made, photographed and showed online! It's kinda cringy but I am going to do it! Here are the first three card pictures I posted!

These 6x6 blanks and topper kits were £1 a pack from a cheapy shop I used to visit. Actually, not a bad buy, but it does explain the rather large use of odd embellishments, they are probably the ones that came in the kit! I laminated the cake toppers... I am not sure why. lol.

I made this as a thank you card I think, for someone that had two minature schnauzers! Actually I quite like it! But once again I have no idea why I needed to laminate the dog topper.

This was the first decoupage set I purchased, don't think it was a diecut one either. I loved these sets and made a whole bunch of cards using them however I don't think I did much more than place them on a white card base... obviously matting and layering hadn't been discovered yet, lol.

So I encourage you to now do the same! Hope you cringe too! I know some people will have started off doing something brilliant but I'm hoping other people had a rapid learning curve like me! :) What were your first official card makes? :)


  1. Your cards are very beautiful! I only discovered cardmaking 5 years ago and it was such a fun time creating a greeting card from scratch! I started creating them with my mother in law's supplies and I always was a CAS person, lol, unlike my mother in law who loves layers upon layers and I am always shocked how gorgeous her cards are. But it's not for me... Unfortunately I don't think I was taking pictures back then, I have to go through my archives...
    Thanks for sharing and Happy 10 year cardaversary!
    xoxo Olga

  2. those cards are so cute!