Monday, June 05, 2017

17th birthday commission.

So trying to make cards to appeal to teenager boys is never easy.... but I am hoping I have done ok on this commission. I went for an "app" style layout and included his passions of "computers, music, keyboard and driving lessons".

I used a service called Freepik to make the icons on this card. I couldn't find a set that exactly fitted what I needed so I used artwork from several sets that I shall list below. As long as you credit the work to the right people you can freely use these images. This is my first time tho, so hope I have done it correctly!

Mechanical Icons (Steering Wheel & Car Key) Designed by Freepik
Keyboard in background Designed by Freepik
Tecnology Icons (Laptop etc) Designed by Freepik
Music Icons (Guitar, Keyboard etc) Designed by Freepik
Gamecontroller - Designed by Freepik

Font is Breamcatcher.

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