Friday, June 26, 2009

Wedding Invites

Wedding Invites
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Finally got the wedding invites sorted for my friends C&D! The jacket to each invite is an origami fold, that twists as you open it to reveal the inner.

They are having a cream and purple wedding but I wasn't really given any other restrictions.

I made 57, plus a few spares incase of accidents :)


Origami folded square of purple paper. Small square of purple paper glued on back to reinforce the shape.
Cuttlebug cream heart in each section.(4)
Punched cream heart in each outer section. (4)
Add stitching detail to both sets of hearts.
"You are invited to..." writting, hand written around edge of card.
Inserts printed via computer, printed on cream paper.
Folded to fit the central square inside the origami jacket.
Purple stitching added to match outer card.
Cuttlebug heart with purple stitching stuck to the back of each purple envelope.
Also included were A4 map and hotel/b&b details.


  1. This really is quite wonderful! Any chance you might share the fold you used on this with an avid teabag tile folding lady? I think it might be a nice addition to hand made cards..
    many thanks for considering this..

  2. Yep sure! might take me a while to draw it, but I'll email you when I am sorted :) Perhaps I will be able to cheat if I can find it printed elsewhere?! :)

    Thanks for the comment Penny :)

  3. I've uploaded instructions now, but I shall drop you a line on email too :)