Monday, January 18, 2010

Painting for my friends.

Painting for my friends.
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Bit slow on the updates at the moment, but I have got time to just borrow this photo from my friend "T" and show you the painting I did for her and her boyfriend just before Xmas. She supplied the canvas and I painted a waterscape picture, featuring the kind of boats they are interested in, ish. :)

Its a small triptych (3 x 30cmx40cm canvas) and really it was meant to be a stopgap measure to cover a lighting socket issue until they found a piece of art they liked. Its been hard to find exactly what they want, so I thought atleast this would be better than nothing. I think they want to keep it now...

As it I didnt quite get enought time to finish it properly, if they are keeping it, I might take my paints and smooth off some of the rough edges and qwerky issues, I didnt really finish the sky at all!

The middle canvas is twice as thick as the other two. And I had to do a bit of photoshopping to swap the order they were in, cos they were designed to be in this order, but were put up in didnt really make much difference tho, apart from to the water line.

They look ok in a thumbnail :)

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