Friday, March 04, 2016

Sneaky Lazy Purchase.

I have to confess, I always thought these were for lazy people, but no... I was completely wrong....they are for anyone who colours with pencils! Have done a fair few pictures with my polychromos recently and actually gave myself a blister from sharpening them. I am weak. :) I also gave myself a massive bruise where I hold my clip board whilst I colour in front of the tele, but that's just me being a numpty.

Anyway, I actually want a derwent one of these, but foolishly did not buy them when they were a tenner on amazon, and now they are something like £70? Which is bonkers. Anyway, trying a cheap £10 one, with reasonable reviews. It seems ok, but I don't like that it has no automatic cut-out when the nib is sharp... so may have to keep hunting for an affordable alternative.

Also, it's called a O'huhu, which makes me chuckle :)


  1. Sure looks good and those sharp points, ooch xx

  2. I definitely need a sharpener for colouring with pencils - the Prismacolors tend to break if you don't sharpen them correctly - I've had much less breakage since I got my sharpener. I've never used the Polychromos, but I think you made a smart purchase!