Sunday, October 23, 2016

Holiday Wildlife Post.

Part of the great thing about holidaying in Anglesey is the easy access to so many bird species, without waiting in a hide for hours! I didn't get very spectacular pics, my camera is a bit on the wonk, but I did manage to get a record of most of the interesting things we spotted!

At first I thought this was a sandpiper, but now I'm not sure if it is a Godwit?! Do you know what it is? Apparently a black tailed Godwit is seen in the area and this bird was significantly bigger than a common sandpiper. (Seen at Rhosyr)

 In the distance spotted some Cormorants! (Rhosyr)

Was so distracted by the Little Egret, that I almost didn't see the Grey Heron behind! (Rhosyr)

Think these are Redshanks. There were large groups of them all along this part of the coast. Wanted to include this pic as it shows how great they were when they ran!  (Rhosyr)

 Oyster catchers! Finally a bird I can confidently identify! (Rhosyr)

Spotted the red on the back of this Kestrel whilst we were out in the car near Dulas.

Also whilst out in the car, near Dulas, we had to wait for the Partridges in front of the car to remember they could fly! We followed them for a good 250 metres before they  moved off the road. They were in with a group of pheasants too.

On the west coast at Newborough we spotted a flock of these Turnstones on the edge of the beach. Plenty of seaweed around, which is what they appeared to be interested in.

We also saw a buzzard and lots of different gulls and terns that unfortunately I didn't get pictures of. The starlings were out in full force and starting on their murmurations. Geese were traveling in formation overhead. There were masses of rooks and an occasional crow, as well as all the different garden birds.

Just a quick non bird distraction that occured! RED SQWIRL! :) We didn't see any of them in the offical red squirrel reserves, but we did spot 2 out on our travels :) This is a very poor photo but does show how splendid his tail was! Almost like a minature fox at first glance. (At Llaneilian)

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  1. What a wonderful trip you had! I didn't realize you were a bird watcher - you certainly saw some beauties! We do not have some of these birds around here - I enjoyed looking at your photos! Thank you for sharing them!