Monday, October 10, 2016

Aladdin Sane.

Commissioned 21st Birthday Card in the style of a David Bowie LP. Fun brief! I loved making this in the end, though in my brain it seems more complicated than it was in actuality. I could do with some larger round dies, but a tin lid turned out to be exactly 5 inches so, win! :)

So I chose the iconic Aladdin Sane Album, I think it must be the most famous image of Bowie? Her name is Abbie and I was soooo tempted to rename the album "AbbieIn Sane" but I thought that might be too rude! lol. (With a commission you have to be rather more polite, don't you think?)

The Album cover is just a sleeve, like a real LP Cover and then the card slots inside. Here is the card stood up, it's a normal tent fold, but round!

I layered up lots of black circles, and made them shine with a touch of glossy accents. I downloaded the red centre disc for the album and just converted it. The centre is foam mounted/raised and the 21 is a void. I layered sparkly paper behind it to show through the "21".

I love this image from the album shoot (found whilst I was trawling google) and decided to make it the new back cover album art.


  1. Wow Annabel this is fantastic! So creative and inspiring!
    Xoxo Olga