Monday, April 03, 2017

Happy Mail!

Really pleased to share a photo of some Happy Mail from my friend Fiki! As well as a fabulous card (which I cannot yet unveil) there was this super awesome wand!!! I love it! I've had it on my craft bench since opening it and it's not going anywhere!

She used the Kittaccino Knitty Kitty Digistamp and I love her choice of china and the super realistic biscuit! Does this mean those little biscuits are a universal thing? :) I hope so, nom! :)

I thought, like me, you might be interested in a picture of it that shows a bit more of my crafting area? Heavily cropped as there are wedding invites everywhere at present!!  (No, a customer order, not my wedding!) So here is my wand in pen pot situ!

Thank you Fiki for my wand, I love it! :D Crafting friends are awesome!


  1. Happy you like your wand!
    love those pots!
    they are so nice!

  2. Fantastic wand! she is so talented! I wish I had the patience to create them!
    xoxo OLga

  3. that is so much fun, what a lovely gift from Fiki, lots of hugs, Marion