Friday, December 15, 2017

It's Dr Digi time again!

Hello! It's on of those "Second" fridays again and I am back with a new Dr.Digi project!! Here is Katy the Cat Lady!! And yes, yes... I went to town on the textures and patterns like a loon!

The problem is, well it's not really a problem, that I really really enjoy colouring the Dr. Digi characters and sometimes know a skirt HAS to be in a Nana Mauve Plaid and then.....nothing else will do!
This then also happened with handmade cardy, blue rinse curls, check pattern slippers....etc.

I also had to go full furball on her cats...tho three cats is not really enough for a true cat lady, you will have to imagine all the others inside the card! :) This was the first time I had used my fur colouring method on much smaller cats, and it worked fine as soon as I was "a bit more restrained".... that is not my natural mode!

The font is Troutkings and the backing paper is from the stash. I also added some glossy accents to the cats eyes (but not her specs this time, I thought the pencil effect + posca pen worked ok without) and some stickles on their collars.

Here she is in the shop, so you can see the awesome digi!

Completely loved colouring this one! Can you tell? Not sure who I will be giving it to! I have quite a few crazy cat ladies in my life! lol.


  1. Fantastic! Fabulous coloring as always Annabel!!
    xoxo Olga

  2. Love this card!
    me in few years LOL!
    happy holidays! 🎄🎅⛄
    hugs , Fiki

  3. It's fantastic... is the trick to getting the texture & patterns keeping a really good point on your pencil? Xx

  4. Wow!!! So beautifully colored!! Loooooove the paterns!!
    xxx Frouwkje