Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Privacy Policy.

Hi Folks, a quick post to let you know I now have a privacy policy and it is here.

Basically I don't store your details on my personal PC, but google stores a few details if you visit or comment on my blog.

If you have signed up to receive emails with updates on, they store that too. They don't store anything beyond what you would expect and I personally can't see any of it. So nothing to worry about.

You can unsubscribe from the emails anytime, and I'm sure you would guess I can see your blogger name and blogger details (if you have some) when you leave a comment so.... nothing much to worry you there either!

There is also a new privacy policy in my Etsy Shop, which is more extensive, but basically says the same thing. I store nothing locally and only use the details you have on etsy for sending you physical goods if you have ordered them and sending you messages if you require tech support or have an inquiry. That's about it! It is here if you are keen to check up on it. I suspect you are not.

Just crossing T's and dotting I's. =^..^= 

Here are some lovely flowers to add some cheer to the dullness! :D Have really enjoyed visiting garden centres the last couple of weeks, garden is almost full and ready for summer!

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