Friday, May 04, 2018

Dr.Digi's Friday

It's friday, phew! Busy week crafting! Here is my latest DT Card for Dr.Digi's and it's already posted and hopefully with the recipient now! Quick turn around for this card :D

This is "Bring the Noise" from Dr.Digi's, once again I needed a music based digi for a man's card and luckily Dr. Digi has something spot on! I had to check ACDC was ok though, I have poor music knowledge skillz.

Font is "You are Loved" and the backing paper (and little cassettes in the corners) are from Dr.Digi too and are the C30 C60 C90 Go backing paper set. (Everyone over forty will have no probs with that! For everyone else... the cassette backing paper!  lol!) As normal this is polychromo pencils on kraft. The bling was from the stash. The guitar might not be anatomically correct, don't zoom in too tight pls! :D

If you are thinking I cheated a bit, yes, you are right, I didn't fancy doing black speakers behind him with the black t-shirt, black jacket and black hair, so I left them as the digi, and as black lines, this time I only reduced the darkness of the lines for the rocker and not the speakers behind him. Did that make sense? When I print out my images directly onto kraft I always make them slightly lighter than the original so I get a bit of "no-line colouring technique" feeling about the image, and can add extra texture with my pencil over the lines! I know... I don't colour within the lines normally at all! freedom!

If you are interested in Dr.Digi stamps and want to know a bit more and keep up to date with what is going on, why not join us on the facebook group? It's the last day of the pet-selfie competition today, so why not check if you can enter ASAP!???

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