Want me to sponsor you?

I am no longer sponsoring challenges. If I have already agreed to sponsor you and you have any queries, please feel free to contact me about it at eekbob1@hotmail.com.

Old rules, for reference, if I am already sponsoring you.

The below is a bit wordy and rulesy but here is a quick synopsis. By asking me to be your sponsor you are agreeing to these rules, so take the time to read it in full after if you are interested please.

1. 3 single images to the winner (or one set), 1 image to each DT member.
2. Everything must be watermarked.
3. DT need to join KKD on facebook and post their projects.
4. Badge needs to go on challenge blog.
5. DT must post projects on their personal blogs with links to the KKD shop.
Please can you and your design team refer to my digi company as "Knitty Kitty Digis". Please use the badge provided here and not alternatives.

I am happy to provide three images to the winner (If they would like a set this can be chosen rather than 3 images, not as well as.)  and am also fine to provide images individually to the Design Team too; just send me a request when the team need them with a link to the image they want plus their name and their email address. The design team must use all the images that were provided.

If a team member leaves a challenge design team without using the image that I sent them it is up to the challenge co-ordinator to make sure this issue is addressed. Imho all requested images should be used before quitting a DT. I do not mind if the image is still created and blogged as per sponsorship rules by a now non-team member, but it still must be used. If this really is impossible, then the challenge co-ordinator must contact me and I can send that image to another DT member to ensure it is used by someone for that challenge.

Please ask the winner to contact me on eekbob1@hotmail.com with details of the challenge, and links to the three images they would like and I will provide the prize directly to them.

Any photo posted by the DT using my digistamps would need to be watermarked (at least partially across the image.)  I regard the challenge organiser as responsible for making sure this happens, and I will contact the organiser if I spot any unwatermarked image for them to sort it! No-one must post unwatermarked digital images either on a site, online or in print anywhere.

If  I really like a project and I have space on the etsy listing for that digi, I would like the option to be able to contact the DT member and ask if I could use the image, and credit them in the blurb on the listing, with a link to their blog. (They don’t have to say yes tho!) 

If a DT member is on facebook I would also like them to join the Knitty Kitty Facebook Group when the challenge is running and post their projects in there, with links to your challenge, and their blogs with the watermarked photo.

I also would like the knitty kitty badge to appear on your blog/challenge page with a link to my shop.


If I am not the sole sponsor I would like to know who else is sponsoring the challenge and how many of your design team will be using my digistamps in their projects before the challenge occurs. I would also like  equal exposure with any other sponsor(s).

If your challenge is not on Paperplayful please let me know.

I expect each DT member to blog their creations on their personal blogs and for there to be links to their blogs when you make the challenge post for me to look at. In their blog posts I would like the image to clearly be linked in some way to Knitty Kitty Digis on Etsy and a direct link to the image they have used in the shop. Ideally the DT will also enter their work into other challenges, if your DT do not do this at all, please let me know.

I can do most dates but prefer them spread out through the year, so please look at my calendar of events to see when I am free. If you have a theme planned, let me know as early as you can and I will try and make sure there are some suitable images available for the DT, or even draw some images especially for the challenge.

If you would like to add a mini crafty bio to your challenge post, here is the official one for Knitty Kitty Digis.

"Knitty Kitties started life as quirky hand-knitted cats made by Annabel to sell at craft fairs. As their popularity grew, Annabel began to design digital images based on her own gang of mischievous pets. The antics of cats Georgez and Berts, along with their long-suffering doggy housemate Holly Poocherson, have inspired digital stamps for you to download,  colour,  and use for your own projects at home.

Join the Knitty Kitty Digis group on Facebook for membership freebies and follow knittykittydigis on Instagram for alerts on the next giveaway!

To shop the full range please take a look at the KKD Etsy shop, linked from the badge below" (or on the left or right - alter this bit to fit your page layout).

Right, that's it, well done for reading this far. I know there are a lot of rules, but there are also good reasons for them! Not happy with part of it? Send me an email, I am open to discussing things and happy to help :)

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