Monday, September 14, 2015

Kanban Beside The Sea Collection

A very kind friend  ( Thanks Grace! :)) liberated part of her stash for me and it was all from a lovely collection by Kanban called "Beside the Sea". Although I actually had it on the pretext of putting it towards my very-long-running-altered-art-seaside-project I thought it would be nice to make a commissioned card for a long term customer who wanted something seascape-ish!

I used to really love Kanban things when I first started crafting and could regularly pick up bargains from the QVC shop in Shrewsbury. It's all such lovely quality, and although sometimes people's foiling can be rather brash and brassy, Kanban foiling is really nice!

I'm not sure what this card fold is called, but the main card is 22.5 cm x 15 cm with a valley fold at 7.5 cm. The smaller card inside (10cm x 10cm), faces the wrong way round and you glue it in the centre of the back piece. Hope that is explained well enough? I normally put the message inside the smaller centre card, and a place to write your own greeting on the inside of the front small flap, or if there is room, on the left hand side of the card hidden by the 7.5 cm by 15cm flap. There are images inside the flap on this card too.

If you want a diagram of how this card works let me know and I will gladly draw one.

Talking of handy diagrams... I found this on pinterest the other day... it's a set of miniature  instructions for how an easel card works! I normally draw one to include with my card but this would be super handy. Going to print it and cut one out every time I need one. Easel cards are not common sense, even very bright people have been baffled by them....;)

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  1. Love the seaside them and the colours are fab. Ace card xx