Monday, September 21, 2015

Tiger Pen Haul

Bit of a haul update from Tiger Pens! I haven't used them before but they have been recommended to me lots of times, particularly for buying single copics (rather than sets) and for their reasonably priced copic refills.

The service was excellent. Good comms and quick about delivery. The pens came loose in a jiffy bag but I suppose they didn't really need anymore wrapping than that. The choice of pens on the site is immense. Would happily recommend them myself now too.

I also couldn't resist three of their "try it for ten pence" Uni-ball pens, we get through loads of writing pens in my house...they seem to be transported to work and never return.  I've yet to test the writing pens properly but they all seem super smooth and lovely to use.

As you can see, it was getting jolly hard to colour in anything pale green with my copics!! It's hard to know with copics when it is the right time to buy a refill, just refill the pen once at the shop, or just buy a new pen?

I decided to use the "how many empties of that colour have you got?" theory and it seemed I needed only to buy "Pale Blue Grey" as a refill. (it's the chunky looking grey thing at the bottom of the photo.) Every other pen colour had only needed to be replaced once. I use pale blue grey as my go to shadow colour on almost every pic so it's not surprising it runs out first.

I did try taking my empties to a local craft shop for a refill but it was a waste of time, it didn't last more than ten mins when I started to use it again. Am not sure if it's just this one shop or if it's a problem with refilling in general, but now I have my own refill I can find out for myself!

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  1. Oh I see, purchases, Tiger pens are good aren't they. Have a few refills coming from them myself. xx