Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Resolutions

One of my targets/resolutions for 2016 was to make more use of my blog, do regular posts, and beat my 70 posts per year total from the very first year I blogged as "@Cartway Cards". (2009)

I am pleased to have managed to double my posts to 144! The idea was to post three times per week on Monday, Wednesday, Friday as best I could, so I think I wasn't too far off doing that most of the year.

I am extremely happy to have a lot more hits and a lot more comments and I would like to thank everyone who came by my blog this year and left a comment for me. It is much appreciated and I have enjoyed blogging far more this year with the thought that someone might pop by and read it! lol.

Thanks everyone for being great chums this year and making it blogwise, my most successful year yet! :)

p.s. I sold the original of this illustration this year! Must start work on some new banners for 2017! :)


  1. Wish you happy, healthy and creative New Year !♥

  2. Hello! Your resolutions are really big, mine are at least 3 per month hihih
    Congratulations on selling your banner and looking forward to seeing your new designs!
    ♥Hugs Valentina♥