Friday, September 28, 2018

Poor Purdie!

Firstly I have to apologise to owner and illustrator Amy from Witt & Sass for the horror I have subjected Purdie to. It could have been worse (Headless Purdie .....Clown "It" Purdie Hiding in a drain.....honestly drinking coffee does bad things to me) but I thought Purdie in her Halloween onesie might be a good plan! Then I added comedy eyeballs and the vampire mouth and she became, rather... frightening?

Introducing the new awesome Purdie's Halloween 4x8 Stamp Set from Witt and Sass! Mix and match to create you own Halloween outfit and accessories for Purdie!

So I've tried to make the eyeballs part of the costume (I added elastic, can you see?) and I thought adding fluffy slippers might lift the mood? (Also the light has been so fickle today that it's been hard to light my photos identically, apologies!) Do you think she's kinda cute from the neck down? Even with eyeball buttons?

All the elements I have used are included in the stamp set. The slippers are made from the front parts of the clown shoes, the eyeballs are part of the eyeball cluster, the onesie is just normal Purdie minus the bottom of her t-shirt and with a bit of a collar. The mouth is also part of the set, but it was a bit too wide so I took off a bit from either end. Voila! Slightly disturbing Halloween Purdie!

Thanks for braving my post! I love her, she makes me larf!  And glossy accents over eyeballs like this is FABULOUS, it might need to be my new go to bling embellishment, lol.