Thursday, April 09, 2009

Altered Art Book 1

I am very keen to make an "Altered Art Book", the good stamping magazine had a great article showing how to make one, I get the gist, my problem is tho... every book so far that I have purchased with that intention has ended up being too nice to use!

I got this one from a Antique shop up the road from my house, it was stacked outside with the other "bargain" books.. it was £1..and has beautiful plates throughout and some poems.. each pages feels like board rather than paper.

The book is called "Monthly Maxims" by "Robert Dudley" It seems to have been given to Hugh Williams in 1899. Robert Dudley is, I think, the illustrators name, and it was published in 1890.

Theres one for sale on Amazon for £36! Gosh, anyway..perhaps their copy is in better health :)

I dont know what to do with it now!

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