Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Baby Bunny number two...

Baby Bunny.
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Excited by the chalkingness of the previous baby card, and because I had some very cute baby girl paper, I made a pink version! Bunny is decoupaged too.. I got a really good deal (£1.99) at the QVC shop and had 30 something decoupage sheets.. not die cut tho, but I dont mind abit of cutting out infront of the tele. Scissors are relaxing :)

Ingredients: Pink card to make blank, four 6x6cm squares of cute baby paper to make square, which I then chalked with brown. ( And hair sprayed after.) Decoupaged bunny on cream paper also chalked to match. Cropodiled eyelet and ribbon. Dummy threaded on. Stitching is by pen, "Baby Girl" tab also chalked to match.

Time Taken: Quite a while.

Issues arising: Unfortunately that evening I left out all my lovely cream and ivory papers. For some reason, my neighbour decided to stir up the soot in our shared chimney and most of my crafting table got caked in soot. Lots of stuff was saved, but the creamy papers didnt make it.. I now am in much need of some more.
Soot is not my friend.

Current Card Status: Card sold straight away.

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