Thursday, April 09, 2009

Fantastic cheap calendars.

Fantastic cheap calendars.
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I found these at a nearby garden centre, 50p each.... I couldn't resist! I cant help but think each one contains 365 pictures that I can use for crafting and cards! Woot!

My parents have a black labrador so I shall definately use some of them. I also have a couple of friends with german shepherds and I bought a slightly larger diary (not pictured) to try and make them something too.

At the same time I purchased an origami calendar as I was convinced it held a certain fold that I would like to show my friend for her wedding invites..and it was about the 5th one in! :D I've been looking online for it for months and months...

I'll have to do a post about the wedding invites sometime soon, at the moment I am trying to get a post up featuring all purchases and projects... perhaps it will help me keep up with them myself? ;)

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