Friday, March 09, 2018

Easter Chick

So I sent my brother Desmond the Dodo and he immediately asked me if there was an Ostrich. Don't ponder for too long on how this conversation may reflect on our family relationships, but I wanted to answer "Yes, of course Dr.Digi has an Ostrich"..... and ......there wasn't. I happened to mention this totes awkward issue to Dr. Digi himself and luckily........ here is Octavia!! (longest blog preamble ever!)

Isn't she beautiful? I thought I would fall back on the old "an unusual little bird told me" birthday sentiment but actually, she was probably timed perfectly for an Easter Card. Thought this sentiment might amuse one of my nephews! They will thoroughly believe I don't know what a chicken looks like. 

As normal, polychromos on kraft card, I spent a long time trying to create a plucked chickeny type skin texture under the fluff, though it was lost a little when I added hairs to it. I also had to get a reference guide of a real ostrich, I am not keen on the real thing, and for some reason had lots of gaps in my recollection of ostrich details! They really do have a lot of pink going on!

Here she is in the shop, pre-colouring! She's a new release too!

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