Sunday, March 11, 2018

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! (Well in the UK at least.) I thought I would share with you my brusho flower pop-up boxes! Both of these were made for customers.

I used a standard pop up box with matting and layering. The flowers were white heat embossed and then brushed with water. I took tiny pinches of Brushos and dropped them on. The leaves are  stamped in distress ink and oxide, then a wet brush to bleed the colour out. Papers are all from the stash! The matting and layering is the most time consuming bit of these. The pop up boxes are ready made blanks from Everycraftsapound.

Stamps are from three Sheena Douglass sets.

  • SD-LBFL-DAHL - A little bit floral dahlia (leaf stamp)
  • SD-SS-FLOW - A little bit sketchy flower power (leaf stamp)
  • SD-LBS-BBEA - A little bit sketchy Bloomin Beautiful (flowers)