Saturday, July 14, 2018

Father's Day

I had in a commission for a father's day card and was sent a picture of the customer's Dad and his cat! I had to do a card that looked like the two of them. I actually had a trawl through Dr. Digi images but couldn't find anything too similar, but then on pinterest, falsely attributed to Dr. Digi. I found this cool image.

It might belong to the colouring page I downloaded it from, but I suspect not! Unfortunately I can't share a link to the artist who created it, but it looked SO MUCH like my customer's Dad, I had to use it.

In Paint Shop Pro I removed the wife and replaced her with a large black cat. (It's a harsh world, lol!)

I coloured it with Copic pens and added some bling. The font is Atlas of the Magi. :) My customer was pleased with the likeness, not sure what her Dad thought tho!  :D

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