Friday, July 13, 2018

It's Eric!

Welcome to another Dr.Digi Friday on the blog, and this is all a bit different! I had in a commission for a very unusual specific card and for many reasons "Eric the Extra" turned out to be a perfect image for it. So here goes....

So the commission was for a card for a guy called "D" who was receiving a BEM (British Empire Medal) medal. He is a swimming coach, in particular for a group of kids called the "Gators" because they are from Northgate Swimming Club. North- Gators! So they have a alligator emblem and hence the alligator theme!

With a quick addition of some specs and beard to Eric, he now looks remarkably like D and so with a few more changes, like the medal, badges and altered banner he is now a miniature D ready for work!
I coloured him in polychromos as usual and cut him out for the card. However, the background was so bright he seemed a bit lost on it, so... I posca penned the outside of the image and made it white and then ZAP, all fixed.  (kinda! lol)

The customer had asked for the swimming pool to be in the background with the baby Gators, life guard and details I included. A lot of the elements match the actual pool they use to train in. It's all hand drawn, inked and coloured with Copic Pens.

Here is normal Eric, before I messed about with him, Dr.Digi was kind enough to let me alter him a little bit for my project! If you see an image that you love but want to alter a tiny bit, why not email the artist and explain what you'd like to do? Often they say yes! They might even help with it! :D

Parting shot of Eric! If you would like to see more Dr.Digi images, where you maybe you can find the perfect chap for your project, please visit the shop! There are LOADS of awesome images to pick from.


  1. Brilliant way to create a new card perfectly suited for the customer! I love it! And absolutely wonderful coloring, too! :)

  2. Absolutely fantastic!! The background is stunning but your D is divine! I'm sure D loves it.