Monday, September 19, 2016

Something a bit different..

This card was a customer request via Etsy. He had found the perfect card, but couldn't find it for sale anywhere (neither could I) so I made him a similar looking version.

Font is called 3Dumb, I printed it out on the computer and 3D foamed it onto the 7x5 card blank. Added some bling in the corners. Inside I used the musical score of the song "Anything Else But You" from the soundtrack of the film Juno. The words on the front of the card are part of the lyrics.


  1. Nice job! I'm not sure how I would have tackled this one! Looks like exactly what he wanted!

  2. something different, but sure like this one, thank you so much for the inspiration, lots of hugs, Marion

  3. hahaha I am laughing with the sentiment! Great creation!
    xoxo Olga