Monday, September 05, 2016

Guitar paint job :)

My friend Mike asked me to paint some images onto his old electric guitar to give it a bit of revamp! He chose lots of images that were meaningful to him (at least 100 in the end!) and I then collaged them together. These were the initial mockup pics.

After a few adjustments I began to sketch them onto the guitar body. (Mike had already sanded and primed the body, as well as removing all the neck and hardware.)

Adding the background colour. (We've decided it might be better to spray paint the background colour if we do it again!)

The first go at the details in white and dark blue.

 Finished front and sides!

And I did exactly the same process with the back. Here is the finished back and sides!

I then passed it back to Mike to laquer/wax. He kindly sent me this pic for that part of the process!

And finally here is all put back together, except for the strings! (hopefully have a picture to add soon with them on too!)

Really fun project and glad it looks so awesome now it's done! Hope to have some more photos to add of the finished result! Bit of a learning curve with this project, but I would love to have another go soon :)


  1. OMG how friggin amazin gdid this turn out. He must have loved it. Makes me want to buy a guitar just for you to paint it. xx

  2. Wow, Annabel! Your talent knows no bounds! This is absolutely amazing! I know Mike must be over the moon in love with his custom-painted guitar! Very impressive!

  3. This is awesome Annabel!! such a fun project and what an amazing job you did!
    xoxo Olga

  4. Oh, my goodness! This is definitely a double WOW, or even a WOWEEE!! It's an incredible work of art, Annabel! :o)

  5. simply awesome and one of a kind, no words so excellent and creative, lots of hugs, xxx, Marion